Re: Does this sound familiar to any of you? I have been seeking answers for 20 years...

From: Tish (
Fri Jul 26 17:06:46 2002

HI Bob, Welcome to the board, im sorry that your condition warranted you seeking ansewers..but im glad for you and for me to that this board is here. I had my 2nd surgery this past Nov to remove some of my adhesions left from Endomitriosis and a total abdominal Hysterectomy.. and ive got little incisions around my navel now..and now since this last surgery i cant stand up straight nor stretch and i find it impossible to even lay out flat on the bed any more..because it feels like my navel and my spine and some intestines or something are all connected..and it feels like evrything is ripping apart when i do any of i dont..ha. So it sure sounds like you might have some adhesions also..but the very best thing you can do is research research research..and The IAS is the place to do it..just go through and read old archives that are relative to your affliction. Myself i would NOT consider surgery again ..until i can have the new spray gel adhesion barrier..because each time they open you up you run the risk of ending up in worse please do your homework about adhesions before you even consider it ok. And Good Luck to you.. and God Bless You. Tish

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