To Brenda Re: In pain and want to tell you about my experience at emergency last night!

From: clare (
Thu Jul 25 16:17:40 2002

Hi Brenda:

I'm sorry - I forget - are you in Ontario?

I have no idea how reliable this info is, but I've been told that Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto has a new Pelvic Health Centre. Let mw find you the site. I'll post it in a few minutes. The phone # is 416-323-7545.

I was thinking of going to someone there to see IF they believed the adhesions attaching my colon to my peritoneum were the cause of my pain.

Surely to God they will be able to find someone to help you with pain management.

Prayers and hugs,


P.S. As someone who's lived in the good old US of A, gals, I really believe it's worse here. At least in the US if you've got the $$ you get SOME form of treatment.

At Thu, 25 Jul 2002, Brenda wrote: > >Well Haven't been to bed yet. I had a very bad day yesterday and my >Boyfriend decided to take me to emergency. Well we got there waited 3 >hrs to see the doctor. They did some blood work poked around my stomach >and when the blood test came back normal. I explained to the doctor the >medication I am on and that the new medication is not working. He left >the room and came back explain I am sorry the best thing you can do is >either take tylenol extra strength or advil. I was so upset I was >crying and still they did nothing. I am so depressed today and I know I >can't give up but I am at a breaking point. I am just tired of hearing >sorry nothing we can do just live with the pain. What is wrong with >doctors here in Canada are the dumb or what they don't seem to >recongnized adhesions are a very painful and frustrating illness. I >just want to throw the towel in I am fed up tired and in pain and really >I can't deal with this anymore. Dealing with the pain , dealing with >the kids, dealing with financial problems. I just phoned family doctor >and she is on holidays and if I wanted I could go and see the doctor >taking her patients while she is gone. But I am afraid to I just don't >think I could deal with a doctor saying sorry nothing I can do. I am >sorry but damn what is wrong with doctors here in canada don't they >realize this is a very painful and frustrating disease we have, don't >they understand that someone has to realize that we need help. Well I >am going to try and go to bed and get some sleep hopefully I can, but >well thanks for letting me write a long message love you all and I hope >god gives me the strength to go on. >Brenda

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