BRENDA Re: In pain and want to tell you about my experience

From: Nancy E. Hale (
Thu Jul 25 11:29:29 2002

Hey Sweetie:

I am so sorry you have had to deal with this, but you do have a very good point. A lot of doctors here in Canada do not recognize that ARD is a debilitating painful disease. And they don't realize that extra strength Tylenol or Advil will do nothing to touch the agony we are dealing with. In the small town I live near, Woodstock, NB, we have approximately 5000 people, around a dozen doctors, and two general surgeons. I have seen both of these surgeons. One told me "Adhesions don't cause pain, you have IBS", and the other said "Well, adhesions can cause pain but we don't operate until they cause a complete bowel obstruction." Until I was able to open my GP's eyes to the pain that I am in, she did suggest that I see Mnetal Health, as nothing was showing up on the tests, and was I sure that the pain I was feeling was that intense and in those specific areas. The past year I have experienced a new relationship with my GP, as she has realized that I am ill, and I am in pain. It has been a relief.

Helen Dynda posted a link back in April, and it is really beneficial to us Canadians. Please check out Pain Awareness in Nova Scotia at <> . This site has Canadian specific information, which may be extremely beneficial to you in dealing with the medical "professionals" in your area.

Brenda, please feel free to contact me at any time by e-mail, ICQ (9683431), MSN (Shai) or by phone (just e-mail me personally and I'll give you my number). I am always here to help in any way I can.

Gentle pain-free hugs,

Nancy in NB

Help spread the word. Find out more about National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week September 23-29, 2002, at

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