Fw: Dr. Lyons Vindicated..the rest of the story on Clinical trials and waiting lists!

From: Karla (ifirgit@new.rr.com)
Wed Jul 24 17:40:59 2002

From: Karla To: adhesions@adhesions.org Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 5:26 PM Subject: Fw: Dr. Lyons Vindicated..the rest of the story on Clinical trials and waiting lists!

Hi all,

I wanted to immediately clear some information up regarding my earlier posts and the forwarding of information from Bev. While the gist of all of the information that was passed on earlier remains the same we both want to clarify information that was passed on by Dr. Lyons. We apologize if this caused any undo turmoil. The following is the additional information that I received from Bev:

The comments regarding a waiting list in Germany had not been proven as fact. Dr. Lyons is excused in that it appears his intentions in repeating a comment he heard regarding that issue was his attempt to expedite the clinical trials here and get them started so he could help those he thought were in fact on a waiting list.

Non the less, anyone who wish's to secure an adhesiolysis with Confluent Spraygel and Dr. Reich can contact Dr. Kruschinski at: Dr.Kruschinski@t-online.de Dr. Reich will be at the Emma Clinic in Frankfurt this coming September. I am willing to assist anyone interested in securing information on that.http://www.EndoGyn.com

It also appears that those who are selected for the clinical trials for Confluent Spraygel in the USA can indeed have the Confluent Spraygel used on organs other then the reproductive organs. That is IF your selected as part of the group who will get the Spraygel!

Now we have this cleared up, Germany is alive and kicking, Dr. Lyons is vindicated, and we have learned something new about the clinical trials! And as always, I call it as I see it!

One very positive aspect of the information that was passed today is that communication is open for everyone to see, as it should be. Far to long things discussed between a Dr. and patient stayed where it was said, but not today, and there is no room for things to be kept quiet or private in a sense as that is exactly why so many people felt so alone as well as suffering so terribly with issues surrounding ARD! Those times are gone..we talk, we share and nothing will stop that now. It is best that people get used to it as it is the way we who suffer the indignities of ARD intend to handle things.. in the open and upfront!


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