Re: More tests came back negative

From: Rita Steele (
Tue Jul 23 17:45:08 2002

After having numerous tests (some twice) & getting deeply in debt, I was told this almost causually by a Dr. my employer made me go to ( they thought I was faking being ill after 21 years of employment!). I had gone to numerous Drs. before him & no one ever mentioned that my pain may stem from adhesions! Needless to say I was(am) mad at the whole medical world! Take Care, Rita in AZ --- wrote: > I hope this finds you feeling better. I've always
> been told that Adhesions
> will not show up on a Cat Scan, X-Ray, MRI or any
> other tests. Has anyone
> else been told this?
> Love & Pain Free Hugs, Bobbi

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