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From: Janice Simpson (
Mon Jul 22 18:32:08 2002

Dear Robin, I am so sorry you are having so much pain and discomfort. Why don't you print out some of the information about adhesions on the site and give it to your Mom and let her read it. Print out some stories on the quilt too. If that doesn't open her eyes nothing will. It is so hard for people to understand the pain we have. There are no outside symptoms-we aren't bleeding-we aren't covered in sores and no one really understands the pain we have. I hope you can get some medication to help you sleep. It is the worst walking the floor late at night. You take care and be good to yourself. Your friend, Jan

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Dear All

I have been having a really hard time lately. I got some sleeping pills from the DR a couple of weeks ago, but, I still have not slept much. The lack of sleep is causing my depression to increase. Yesterday, I helped hubby feed the animals, & overdid it. I couldn't make it back to the house because of the pain. I was only out side for 10 mins. It is so frustrating when the pain gets like that. The rest of the day, my pain was out of control. I took way too much pain meds & they didn't seem to help much at all. Then last night, I didn't get to sleep til 3 & woke at 5:30. I have made another appointment with the DR today. I am now thinking I am having some sort of reaction to the codine that is not letting me sleep. I can't take some meds because it will keep me awake. Also, I am having trouble with my mom!! She is always putting me down. Everything I say is wrong. Now she wants me to go to her house 5-6 hrs away for a get together. She just refuses to understand that traveling is so hard on me. I can't stand or sit for long before the pain starts getting really bad. I have only been sleeping about 4 hours a night I am just so tired. Between being tired, in pain & depressed, things are just really getting to me. Thanks for taking the time to listen. love robin M

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