Jen - More tests came back negative

Mon Jul 22 12:42:06 2002

Hi Jen and welcome ") Yep, you had it. You had the usual run around with brainless doctors. Hmm, cut their pee-pee off and then tell them to "let it go" and "don't worry about it unless your pain is more that what you have" grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Sounds to me as if you do have adhesions. There are no tests to prove you have them unless you go for surgery. Then of course, more surgery, more adhesions. Can't win huh?! Have you tried pain management? If not, start now to find a pain doctor who will help you...there are far and few of them. Lord knows I've been there and done that along with many others on this site. Wow what a depressing email I just wrote to you, sorry Jen. It gets better I promise. If there is anything that I can do for you I'm just an email away my sweets. If you need to know more about doctors who have a clue about what you're going through, I have a couple I'd like to share with you. ") Hugs and love, ~Chrissie xo's

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