Re: Very Afraid & Needing Prayers

Mon Jul 22 08:54:44 2002

My Dear Sweet Brokenwing, I know you dont know me, but just a couple of months I had the same problems as you & have had an obstruction before, but I just had surgery due to things like you are going through right as we speak, I had surgery on the 12th of july They opened me up for the 14th time, I was going the longest 26 days with no bowel movement , my belly looked like I was 6 months pregnant, was in terrible pain as well, well when they got in there of course they found Massive Adhesions on my intestines again not totally blocking but just pinching it off enoughnto cause as they say the bowels to back- up, & then get hard & lazy, its like taking rubberbands & tightening them all over your bowels so only a little can get through that was me, & sounds like you too, but again I'm no Docter, so just keep going till someone listens to you swetie, because it was going on with me for a year, And really I just felt that ol' give up attitude, the medical system is really wacked if you ask me, I just so happen to have a terrific OBGYN, whos amazing, & truely believes in these awful Adhesions, but I live in Texas.............My prayers are with you love, Hugs, & prayers..............Angie

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