Robin from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Sun Jul 21 19:02:37 2002

Dearest Robin, Yes, I used to pray to God to take me Home. And then I'd be afraid he's grant my request when I felt a little better. It's all changed now with Joe's accident, no matter what agonies I suffer I can't leave my 21 year old godson laying there without me to hold his hand. I can't be with him as much as I want, but I can be there sometimes and I know he knows. Yesterday, he sobbed with no noise but lots of tears. Its was awful, but I think it gave him release too. It must be terrible to be in a coma, but he's still aware and he knows me, as long as I can help, I can't "go over the bridge". I don't know what lesson this shows us, but I don't think I would have done it anyway, neither of us really wants to, we just want the pain to stop. So dear Robin, prayers for you and love, Sally Grigg

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From: "Robin" <> To: "Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS" <> Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2002 7:48 PM Subject: Not a particularly good day

> This day has gone on forever.
> I feel as though I am going to be sick at anytime.
> Sometimes I wonder if it will ever end. One day ok,
> the next yuck. Left message at doc's office Tuesday,
> they have not returned my call. I'm pretty sure they think Im nuts.
> So, I think tomorrow I will get an appointment at another Docs office.
> Maybe they will know? Maybe they can help? The pain is unbearable
> sometimes, so I have taken to painting faux stucco and brick on the
> walls.
> It keeps my mind busy at least. Do you ever pray to God, that he will
> just bring you home? No more pain, no more suffering. Wow, got that off
> my chest. R

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