Re: Has anyone heard from...

From: Sally Grigg (
Sun Jul 21 18:54:23 2002

Dearest Clare, You are so thoughtful to check up on us. Thank you. As you know from my email to me, I'm hanging in here. Hell-yon is in great pain but has scheduled a cruise for her family to try to rejuvenate her family life, a much needed respite from reality. So she will be back soon. Love to all, Sally Grigg

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> Hi all:
> Has anyone heard from Karla, Hell-yun, Sally....goodness, the list goes
> on! How is Mary Pomroy since her surgery in Germany? Lesa??
> If you've heard from any of them, please let them know that I am
> thinking of them.
> Wishing you all painfree moments, hours and days.
> Clare

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