Subject: Karla

Sat Jul 20 13:25:33 2002

Hi Sweet Karla - bye to Karla's boo'boo's! And I mean that - B-bye to all your boo-boo's Karla. The "Gone with all the boo-boo's Angel" is there with you right now. She packed up her stuff early this morning, had a quick cloud breakfast, and on her way she went. She's waiting for "Mr. Tough Go Away Angel" he slept in this morning so he's going to be a little late. Sorry about that. He may sleep in but he's one hell of a get go'er when it comes to boo-boo's be gone. So needless to say your boo-boo's just don't have a chance with those two! I love you Karla, thank you for taking the time to freshen up your story on the adhesions quilt and for letting us know how you are. Hugs, and the color green for healing, red for energy, and of course pink for love, ~Chrissie xo's

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