Re: Robin - Not a particularly good day

From: Robin (
Sat Jul 20 13:17:24 2002

At Fri, 19 Jul 2002, wrote: >
>Hi Sweet Robin, ")
>How awful, just awful, that your doctors office didn't return your phone
>call! What is wrong with the medical profession these days? DARN IT! Let
>me at em, let me at em I tell ya. You really don't want to piss off a red
>head.....ah - huh, so let me at em! grrrrrrr
>God answers prayers, He gives us only what we can handle and not one bit
>more. See how strong you are for taking all that He has given you! You
>simply amaze me honey bunny Robin - may I be as strong as you are, strong
>spirit, strong Will. Know that I love you Robin and I'm just an email away.
>Take breaths, remember, one minute at a time my Sweets.
>Love coming your way,
>~Chrissie xo's

Thanks Chrissy, I needed that!!!!  Today is a pretty good day.
I go in to see the physcians assistant Monday and I believe
Rick is going to go with me.  He will tell them what they need
hear.  He is a redhead also!!!!  God is good and I know he will
sustain me and Rick!!!  Love back to you and yours and have a great


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