Re: Pain like a kidney stone

Sat Jul 20 07:18:25 2002

Tammy, Hi, my name is Angie Address is, I havent posted in along, long while & just got out of the hospital Laprotomy due to Adhesions, this was my 14th surgery, & I was having terrible pain in my left kidney, & there at times would be blood in my urine but no infection, soo it could be Adhesions, too??? I just had major surgery (Adhesions) on July the 12, & still have surgery pain so dont know if its gonna be better or not, but they sent me to an urologist & he said things looked o'kay but imflammed!!!! hummmm, who knows anymore, well I sure know how you feel, so try & hang in there take the pain medication(Which didnt much work for me either) because the pain was just miserable & constant......God Bless & be with you through these tough times & always, just thought I'd share my experiance...................Love, & Sweet hugs.......Angie

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