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Dear Karla, Thanks you for posting and let us know how you are. If there is a "Hell" on earth you certainly are living it. I'm glad that they have found something and can help you with this condition for now. What you must be feeling and thinking I can only wonder. I know you must be so tired of all this but when we hear from you and what we learn from you can only be one of the reasons you are still here with us. Your in my prayers, in my thoughts, and in my heart. We love you and wish you peace and pain free days. I'm sending you one of Chrissy's hugs and Angels to watch over you. Love Jan

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Hi all!

I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers and wonderful words of support that you give so freely and easily.

I came home from the hospital today. NOPE.....I am not in a nursing home!!!! I was admitted a week ago yesterday with bilateral pyeleonephritis or a severe infection of both kidneys. When I learned that I was going to be admitted I asked the admitting doctor if they would bring in my urologist for consult. He indicated that there would be no problem in doing so. So as I left one clinic, I walked into the other to make sure that the urologist was fully aware of what was transpiring. I was admitted to the hospital and within two hours the urologist was there to transfer me to the hospital in Green Bay as he found my condition to be too critical to be dealt with in my local hospital. He left the nurses asking a lot of questions as to why he was even only concern was getting the proper treatment and fast.

That evening they attempted to place the nephrostomy tube into my kidney through my back without the use of any type of relaxant or pain killer. There had been a big misunderstanding between the radiologist doing the procedure and the nurses on the floor. One nurse was so upset she came in the next day, on her off day, to report the situation. Needless to say, they were unable to place the nephrostomy tube despite the numerous attempts and the procedure had to be repeated the next day. That too, was a very difficult procedure, but at least I had the benefit of my morphine pump.

The nephrostomy into my right kidney has shown that my right kidney is actually functioning quite well. It was just severely the point that when they did get into the kidney they drew out puss. What they did learn over the ensuing days was that my left kidney put out little to no urine. My urologist figures that a blockage does exist right up near the urostomy site and that any urine being made by the left kidney is being refluxed into the right kidney. He suspects that I will have to undergo an angioplasty type procedure where they will insert a balloon into the ureters to try and break the blockage. They cannot attempt this procedure however, until the infection is cleared from my body. I am currently having to go to the local hospital twice daily to receive IV therapy and will have to do that for two weeks. I have learned in the short time that I have been home (I was discharged around noon on Friday) that if I am standing up the urine does not drain into the nephrostomy tube either so that means I must spend most of my time lying down. I am keeping a journal of all of these discoveries so that I can present them to the urologist on my follow-up visit.

As far as my being placed in a nursing home goes, the urologist laughed when I told him what my PCP had said. My doctor was trying to protect me from exposure to infection, but my having a blockage would mean that nothing would stop the infections from occuring over and over as they have over the years. My concern though is that they will be unable to break the blockage because of the elasticity of adhesions and the strength in which they have wrapped themselves around my ureters. The urologist indicated that if they were unable to remove the blockages (they will be attempting this through the inside of the ureters instead of going in and removing the adhesions from the outside) then yes, infection would rule my life and destroy my kidneys. He did indicate that NO abdominal surgery would be attempted.

My spirits are as good as they can be. I know that no matter what, God is walking with me and carrying me when the time is really tough. But, I too, like others have recently stated, ask God to take release me from this pain. And that is okay.

For all the new people who I have not had the opportunity to speak with, I welcome you. I have just placed my story back on the quilt and I suggest that you take the time to read it. It is my hope that my story will help people make the decision that more surgery is not the answer unless you are going to the couple of surgeons in this world who seem to have some of the answers. As you read my story, please realize that I am not here to ask for sympathy. I am here to prevent you from becoming me.

God's love and blessings,


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