Bobbie - Sugarbear

From: clare (
Fri Jul 19 16:55:21 2002

Hi Bobbie:

I just had to tell you that I love your inet name. One of my favorite people's name is Sugar Bear, and that's my Chow. A lot of days she's my best buddy - we've been through it all together. She's comforted me when I was ill, and fiercely defended me from every danger (even if sometimes those dangers are imaginary!).

She sees me at my worst, and she still loves me unconditionally. She greets me when I come home every day like I'm a celebrity, and I really think she believes I can do no wrong! Even though some would say 'she's only a dog', my heart knows she's so much more.

I always say 'dogs are people too'.

Oh Lordy, I just wrote an ode to my dog! :o)


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