Re: back at you Nancy Re: Not a particularly good day

From: Robin (
Thu Jul 18 21:34:04 2002

At Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Nancy E. Hale wrote: >
>Dear Robin:
>I think we all have those days sometimes. Personally, yesterday was one of
>my days - I got up around 9, and was asleep on the sofa by 2, slept until
>8, then back to it around 11, after falling asleep while monitoring the
>chat room. The pain levels weren't particularly high, I just couldn't stay
>awake, low-grade fever, general malaise. Today has been better.
>And yes, I think we also all have days that we wish He would just take us
>and get it over with. Distraction does help sometimes, I do a LOT of
>crafting to help keep my mind off the pain and make me feel productive. I
>don't have to exert myself, I'm not doing anything to raise the pain
>levels, just keeping my hands and mind busy.
>Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day for all of us. Gentle pain-free hugs.
>Nancy in NB
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>Illness Awareness Week September 23-29, 2002, at

I am so glad to hear you are feeling better today.  There is hope.
Sorry to sound like a whinie baby.  I feel that very way.  I am so tired and
I just want to crawl in bed and not get out.  But the painting helped alot.
I just sat on the floor and painted about 20 bricks on the wall.
It did help.  Thanks for your words.  Robin

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