Robin: Re: Not a particularly good day

From: Nancy E. Hale (
Thu Jul 18 21:21:38 2002

Dear Robin:

I think we all have those days sometimes. Personally, yesterday was one of my days - I got up around 9, and was asleep on the sofa by 2, slept until 8, then back to it around 11, after falling asleep while monitoring the chat room. The pain levels weren't particularly high, I just couldn't stay awake, low-grade fever, general malaise. Today has been better.

And yes, I think we also all have days that we wish He would just take us and get it over with. Distraction does help sometimes, I do a LOT of crafting to help keep my mind off the pain and make me feel productive. I don't have to exert myself, I'm not doing anything to raise the pain levels, just keeping my hands and mind busy.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day for all of us. Gentle pain-free hugs.

Nancy in NB

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