Thank you Chrissy and's so comforting to be back

From: Sherry (
Tue Jul 16 20:44:31 2002

Thank you Chrissy and Nancy for your responses, they sure made me feel better. I try to explain to family and friends how I am feeling, and I really hate to keep complaing to them. Only someone who has experienced the pain of adhesions can relate. Chrissy if you don't mind me asking, how far apart were your surgeries with Drs. Redan and Reich? My surgery was Oct. of 2000. I have an appointment with my primary care physician next month and we will discuss options. He is so compassionate, I am very fortunate. I have been to pain management before and that is an option. I will keep everyone in my prayers and would greatly appreciate any prayers for my husband, that his cancer not return. Thanks, Sherry

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