Sherry - Having problems with legs...adhesion related?

Tue Jul 16 14:15:06 2002

Hi Sweet Sherry, ") So good to see your post! ") I'm so, so, very sorry to hear about your husbands rare form of cancer and have added him to my nightly prayer list that the cancer stays in remission. Please give him a hug for me and tell him that he's very cared about for me please, thank you. ") When you described your pain in your legs it sounded similar to the pain I was having in my left leg. What would happen to me was when my left sided pain got so severe, I had this pain shoot down my left leg, then all of a sudden I couldn't feel my left leg any longer. But when the feeling of the leg came back, boy oh boy was the devil pain ever so there. It took almost all day for the pain to get to the normal pain. Do you have that? Shooting pain, numbness, your legs feeling shutting down? I just had surgery with Dr. Reich and Redan on May 30th and since that surgery I have had no shooting pain down my left leg. Thank the good Lord upstairs. I don't know if it were adhesions blocking a nerve or something like that. About 10 years ago or shorter I was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). I went into the doctors office complaining about exactly what you describe and that's what the doctor diagnosed me with. No meds, just therapy. Yea. Didn't help, but then a few years of that pain, the pain with both legs went away. Until of course the sharp shooting pains went down my left leg and shut down. I pray you find your answer soon. ") Take care Sweets. Hugs with love, ~Chrissie xo's

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