Gail - Laporascopy Welcome Gail ")

Tue Jul 16 14:04:42 2002

Hi Gail Welcome! ") Thank you for posting and sharing Gail. I hope you find lots of answers to your questions and also know that you are not alone! The support, care, and best of all the love you'll find here is so terrific. It's helped me so many times. When I'd be down in the dumps....everyone was here with their hands to pull me up. When I had very klutzy moments, every one here told me it was ok that I got my toe stuck in the bathtub faucet.......and even got a chuckle out of it. ") I'm so happy to hear that you have cold feet for surgery. Not that some surgery is really needed, but when it comes to surgery done especially with doctors who have no clue what they're doing and then turn their back on you when you are so full of devil pain. I'm so very happy you are here and remember, I'm only an email away. ") Hugs with lots of love, ~Chrissie xo's (Christine Damon-Epsom, New Hampshire on the adhesion quilt)

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