Re: Having problems with legs...adhesion related?

From: Nancy E. Hale (
Tue Jul 16 12:00:09 2002

Hi Sherry:

Welcome back! I am so glad to see your name again, although I am so sorry what you ahve been going through. I agree that it is a blessing that your husband is cancer-free so far. Someone is watching over him for sure.

As for the problems with your legs, you are not the only one. I have been having similar pain in my legs for 4 years, along with numbness and weakness. This is the reason why I use the cane, and sometimes resort to the wheelchair when it is really bad, because I have a tendency to fall when the legs go "dead". I discussed this with my GP, and she believes that it is probably connected to the adhesion problem - the nerves, muscles, and circulation in the groin that connect to my legs are involved in the adhesion mess in my pelvic area, and when everything else is acting up, it decreases the circulation and such to my legs, causing the loss of feeling.

I know I am not being encouraging here, I'm sorry. My doctor's suggestion has been to take an extra breakthrough med (I am on oxycontin for pain control with Percocet for breakthrough) when my legs start bothering me. It has helped.

Prayers for both you and your husband, and gentle pain-free hugs all around.

Nancy in NB

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