Fund-Raising Technique

From: Ronnie Davis (
Tue Jul 16 04:56:12 2002

Ronnie Davis Fund-Raising Technique

Dear Associate,

It is a documented fact that America's Tensions and Problems tend to Increase in Wartime. As we are cooped up inside The United States for long periods of time, we tend to get on each other's nerves. A Group of your Neighbors and Friends have gathered together to help solve The problem of what to do with Non-Profit Organization donations During the war. We'd like to build this Charity Fun-Raising Plan that's maintain for us once benevolent opportunity that The citizens have promised to give donation for this purpose (And also to maintain for us once the donations are maid). Benevolent Support Network invites you to join us as FUN-RAISING ORGANIZER!

We are asking 100 friends and prominent members of Our community to help us raise $500,000: this $500,000 will Allow us to build our favorite charity donations and Earn or Find Finical Independence with HUGE PAYMENTS for Charity work. (The Sponsor has already donated $ his Originating Networking Associate's favorite charity organization. And paid their one time Membership processing fee and mail listing fee of $5 to his Associate.

Send A $5 donation for position #1A and a $5 dollar payment to Position #1B.

#1A. Greensboro Urban Ministry, 305 West Lee Street, Greensboro, NC 27406 #1B. (Sponsor) Ronnie Davis, 719 Cliffside Ave. High Point, NC 27260

HOW MUCH CAN YOU MAKE? You can easily receive the same amount That you are able to raise for your favorite Charity for your FUN-RAISING EFFORTS. At Least thousands of dollars paid directly to you. That, Means you can create a TREMEDOUS financial windfall for your favorite Charity AND find your financial independence with HUGE payments for your favorite Charitable Work! You can earn AN HONORABLE FORTUNE!

WHAT IS THE COST TO YOU? The complete cost for the Private use of this procedure is a one-time-only payment of just ten dollars ($10.0). Your ten-dollar payment will be in the form of two separate Payments of $5.00...One single $5.00 directly addressed donation to your favorite Charity and one single $5.00 Direct payment of processing fee to another Fun-Raiser-Organizer Who is using this program for the benefit of their favorite Charity? There are the only payments you will ever have to make.

Can't we include your name among this group? (Enclose a self addressed envelope and your $5.0 pre-addressed donation certified check, cash, or money order and Sponsor's $5.0 processing fee with a request that you be placed on their mailing list in a single envelope address To Sponsor #1B. Membership instructions are mailed only upon receipt of, checks, cash and money orders To Sponsor #1B. The sponsor will mail your Donation directly to his or her favorite charity. All you do is address your donation to #1A above. Please include the correct Name and Address of your Favorite Charity Non-Profit Organization that you will be PROMOTED FREE on this Benevolent Support Network, Too.

Thank you for considering this request. We will all know we've been successful in our Campaign as we see growth in deficient Non-Profit Organizations of our community (and some of the Prosperous ones as well) using our new Benevolent Support Network made possible by your interest in the welfare of our community.

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