Re: Hi LScott ') Welcome - with big smiles ')

From: LScott (
Sun Jul 14 13:36:37 2002


Thanks for your reply..... I was getting concerned that men weren't welcome here since I hadn't gotten a reply from anyone. Thank you again!!!!

I am going to a pain doc in a couple of weeks...... mainly to discuss "trigger points" and whether localized injection of anestethics would help. I think it will be more diagnostic than anything.

The last 2 days have been the worst yet....... bad enough that yesterday was the first time that I absolutely couldn't do anything all day. I am afraid that this problem is really hurting my relationship with my fiance..... I know she is frustrated that I never want to do anything anymore.... and when I do something, I am constantly rubbing my belly on the sore spots. Its subconscious and I am trying not to do it.... but its like the sore tooth you can't leave alone.

Needless to say, I am pretty scared. Not just that it really could be something worse (tumor, MS, even diabetes) but mainly because it just hurts, there is no end in sight, and I can't even explain what it is because noone knows. It seems that the docs that even acknowledge this are mainly gynocologists.... not much help to me. The GI doc was clueless..... my GP is even worse.....

I will keep you all posted on happenings.

God bless you all.


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