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From: clare (
Sat Jul 13 21:40:46 2002

Dear Rosalie:

Welcome to the IAS forum. I think you will find this a very informative site, and the forum full of kind, caring people.

Well, you asked for our stories, so I suggest that you browse through the adhesion quilt, as there are many, many stories there. Now, when you asked for our stories, I'm sure you realized that you'd get our opinions, didn't you? :o) I'm sure that you will get somewhat varied opinions, as there are as many different situations as people.

And, of course, here's mine.... The main thing that I'd like to tell you is that if you have adhesions and you still have a somewhat restricted quality of life, but can get through most days without too much of what I call 'panic pain', then perhaps you might be best to put the surgery off for a wee while, to inform yourself and your surgeon(s) of all the possible implications of surgery.

Successful adhesiolysis depends on so many variables - the experience and success rate of the surgeon, the use of a barrier (especially one of the new spray-type barriers), the handling during surgery, the amount of bleeding, and even the type of tools used if the adhesions are co-existing with endometriosis. ****But most importantly****, the surgery needs to be done via laparoscopy (small holes) rather than laparotomy (large incision). The less air that your pelvis/abdomen is exposed to, the greater the chances of success. There are instances that warrant a conversion partway through the operation to a laparotomy, but this is usually only if there are complications i.e. your bowel or bladder are nicked by accident.

I had three surgeries in two years - the last one was a diagnostic lap that ended up being for removal of endo and lysis of some adhesions but not all. Honestly, right now I can't see me letting another surgeon near me unless I was out of my mind constantly in pain, or I had a complete obstruction. I've found some ways to deal with these nasty adhesions, and I've pretty much decided that what I have to deal with right now is what I'll have to deal with for a long time. I'm not saying that I wouldn't have surgery, but just that it would have to be the right surgeon and the right circumstance before I would try it again.

Whew! I hope I have't tired you out! LOL! Well, with all that said, Rosalie, only you know what you are going through, and be assured that when you have your surgery I will support you all the way, and pray for you, of course.

Best wishes,


At Sat, 13 Jul 2002, Rosalie wrote: > >Hello everyone. I am so thankful to find out that I'm not alone, that >there are so many people out there that suffer from the pain of >"adhesions". I go into surgery Wed. 17, this will be my first surgery >to try and remove as many adhesions as possible. They are everywhere, >my bowel, stomach wall, bladder, etc. My surgeon is not only a General >Surgeon, but also specializes in Thoracic and Vascular surgery. I >wanted to see if anyone who has had surgery could give me their story, >whether it be good or bad. I am very happy to have found this web site >for support. Thank you all I wish all of you the best!

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