A little bit of panic setting in

From: Lisa (lilylover5555@aol.com)
Sat Jul 13 21:34:36 2002

Hello everyone, I posted awhile back about my surgery in Frankfurt Germany on July 19th. I was kind of surprised that I only received one reply. Anyway, we leave on Tuesday the 16th. I'm really getting nervous,or maybe a little panicy would be a better word. I know this is quite possibly my best shot at getting rid of this devil pain,they will be using gasless laparoscopy, and of course the new wonderful spraygel, but it is surgery, and in a foreign country that I don't speak the language, just kinda freaking me out! I know that everything will be okay, really, and I try to stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel, and it looks pretty bright from here. Please keep me in your prayers and I'll let you know how it went, when I can.

Lisa, from Ohio (I've noticed another Lisa posting lately)

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