Re: Tea- Lori ')

From: Lori (
Fri Jul 12 13:23:30 2002

Thank you soo much Chrissy These are just the words I needed to hear

Yes I too usually go along, then try to hide the pain so I dont spoil it for my family. Same as having intimate moments with my husband. I usually say yes, because he has been soo understanding thru this. Dont get me wrong, I dont do it against my will, I want it too. I have urges also But I just know the next day I will be laid up in pain

I was having a rough one yesterday. When you have to program your mind on a day to day basis to ignore the pain. And tell yourself, just take it day by day, it will get better some day... Not only your body gets tired, but your mind too

I just needed one day for a O' Woe is me day LOL I am back to my usual optimistic self today, and living for today. Cause thats really all any of us have

Hugggz and thank you soo much again I am soo very happy I found you guys

Pain Free Hugggz to all Lori

At Fri, 12 Jul 2002, wrote: >
>Hi Sweet Lori,
>Sorry I can't answer you about trying the tea, but I wanted to send you a
>smile and some love. ")
>It's hard when the family wants to do something and you're in too much pain
>to go along for the fun. Too many times I said ok, lets go, and then I end
>up wanting to come home to my heating pad and bed.
>Please know that you are not alone in every area that you described in your
>post. Again, I'm so very happy that you're posting and sharing - what a
>great support system we have here.
>With much love and hugs,
>~Chrissie xo's

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