Bowel preps -- revisited

From: Kathryn Dix (
Fri Jul 12 11:27:53 2002

Thank you all so much for your feedback -- Millie, Janice, Karla, Valerie and Brenda -- it was very much appreciated. My article wound up being so long (due to the number of options out there for bowel preps) that I had to leave patient comments out, but I will see if we can revisit this subject in the magazine, perhaps focus JUST on patient feedback.

The article (which features information from the manufacturers on their products) should be available on our magazine's web site during the first week of September; I will post the link here if you like. That way, you can see what options you have in case you need to undergo bowel preps again!

It sounds like most (or all) of you used GoLytely; the manufacturer of that product does make other bowel preps too. There is pineapple-flavored GoLytely and there is NuLytely (which also comes in a cherry flavor).

There is one prep that requires drinking only 8 oz. of fluid, and another that is a single suppository. There are even food products you can eat while on a diet of "clear liquids only" -- it's pasta, a snack bar, a shake and little potato snacks. It's a kit with a full day of food that is supposedly for patients who have a hard time drinking clear liquids for 24 hours before colonoscopy or surgery or whatever other procedure is taking place. According to the manufacturers, it's all "low residue" food.

There is a regimen of 40 tablets that is also an option, for those who can't do the liquid preps. There was a study done recently testing a lower 28-pill regimen and a 32-pill regimen, but that dosage has not been approved by the FDA.

Thanks again for your comments; I look forward to hearing from you again!

Best regards,

Kathy Dix


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