Hi Brokenwing - thanks for the beautiful Angel!

From: Chrissy492@aol.com
Wed Jul 10 07:50:39 2002

Hi Sweet Brokenwing! ") The beautiful Angel you sent me is sitting right on my shoulder. Although most of the time she lays on my belly near my dull boo-boos. I'm doing well after my surgery thanks for asking Sweets! The pain I had prior to surgery is dull, not the sharp crap that I had before! YEAH.....doing imaginary cartwheels (if I did real ones I'd probably break a bone) ") Pete and I just came back from camping in Maine for the 4th of July holiday and boy oh boy did we have a terrific time! It's been so long since I've enjoyed time away. I'm very happy about how I feel - I can take this dull pain that I have anytime. I pray to God that if I have to have pain, it stays no higher than this! I pray you are doing well Brokenwing and that you get that brokenwing fixed. tee hee Love and hugs to you, ~Chrissie xo's PS sorry about the remark about your wing, I kept wanting to write that to you - hope it gave you a chuckle! ")

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