Re: Adhesions

From: Jo Eslick (
Tue Jul 9 21:05:22 2002

Hello Annie,

My name is Joanne Eslick and I am the founder of the Australian Adhesions Support Group. I have been an adhesions sufferer for almost 17 years and I started the Australian support group earlier this year.

Our web address is: and I invite you to register for our free online support including a regular newsletter that will include the latest information specifically for Australian sufferers. Currently I am in the process of acquiring government funding to formalise the group properly and to give me the funds to print information sheets and build a network of support people around Australia.

On the ARD Support page (on you will find a list of volunteer support people with the area they live in to give you a guide to your closest contact person. We also have a "How to Cope" section which offers you a number of options you can use at home to help you cope with the day to day pain you experience with adhesions.

You will find some excellent information here on the IAS board regarding adhesions themselves, with pictures of what they look like and the reasons they form. Both the Australian site and the IAS has a story area where fellow sufferers have recorded their story in an effort to provide comfort to others in the knowledge that you are not alone, but also to serve as a teaching aid to show you the results of too many surgeries can do..... which unfortunately appears to be what has happened to you.

I look forward to hearing from you Annie,

Love and gentle hugs,
Joanne Eslick
Founder Australian Adhesions Support Group
NSW Australian Co-ordinator of
International Adhesions Society

I am not a medical person, and all my messages are based
on personal experience.  I am a fellow adhesions sufferer
reaching out to help others.

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