Re: Want to give up!

From: Nancy E. Hale (
Mon Jul 8 09:51:59 2002

Dear Jennifer:

<snip> I have a wonderful integrated internal meds >Dr. and he tells me if the rest of my body can get well, (including my mind
>set) then adhesions will go away by themselves naturally, but because the
>rest of me is so sick my body cannot attack them rite now.

I am glad you have found a doctor you think is wonderful, but my personal opinion is that your doctor is deluding himself. Adhesions will not go away by themselves naturally any more than scar tissue on the outside of your body will go away naturally. I have had adhesions for 40 years, the rest of my body and mind is perfectly healthy, and the adhesions have only gotten worse and caused more problems. I have tried herbal teas and medicines, and until a year ago was extremely active. The pain caused by the adhesions has now gotten so bad that I can't even do my own housework.

Good luck to you Jennifer. Prayers and good thoughts.

Nancy in NB

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