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From: Clay n Jen Cole (
Mon Jul 8 07:37:16 2002

Don't give up, my name is Jennifer I am 33 years young and have much of the same going on except I did not loose my appendix, and they did not put the coating on my adhesions ( but they can not remove them either) , my doctor said the coating could be worse, that if the adhesions grow back they will now have that in them ( I suppose making them harder). I wish you the best and will keep you in my prayers. I have a wonderful integrated internal meds Dr. and he tells me if the rest of my body can get well, (including my mind set) then adhesions will go away by themselves naturally, but because the rest of me is so sick my body cannot attack them rite now. He also suggested, Hawthorn Berry Tea to help break them up (there is Hawthorn in Sleepytime Tea by celestial seasonings), Flaxseed oil, and a regimen of vitamins. Do you get to go to water at all, a pool can be helpful to stop adhesions from worsening by keeping yourself loose, the water makes it less painful to move due to the witlessness. peace to you, God Bless, Jen

May all your days be the like the cool rain...

The Coles in NWArkansas

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> Hello everyone. I'm 31 yrs. old, and have had a total hysterectomy,
> due to problems with endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and mostly adhesions
> & the horrible pain associated with them. Approximately 2 years after
> my hystorectomy, I went to my dr. for severe abdominal pain. I told
> him I was sure I had adhesions, but doctors don't like to have patients
> tell them what is wrong. I was admitted to the hospital, and a surgeon
> consulted with me. He was concerned it could be my appendix, so he did
> an apendectomy. He said the appendix was fine, but I had severe
> adhesions (duh!!!). Less than 2 years after this, I went to my family
> dr. again, with the same problems. She agreed I needed another
> laparoscopy. I saw 3 surgeons who refused to do surgery on me. Oh
> yeah, I forgot to say before my hyst., I had approx. 10 laparoscopys.
> Anyway, I tried expaining to the doctors that even though the adhesions
> would most likely come back, I would at least get 6 months of relief
> from pain, which was worth it to me. They all said no. My family dr.
> admitted me to hospital. The surgeon who removed my appendix came & saw
> me, and remembered me from previous surgery. He wanted a pain
> specialist to try a nerve block before we did anything else. We tried
> this, and it didn't work. I had read about Seprafilm - the adhesion
> barrier, and convinced him I wanted to try it, that I had nothing at all
> to lose. He finally agreed. He was very surprised by how severe my
> adhesions were again, and understood why I was in so much pain. He said
> he put 2 layers (???) of the film on me after removing the adhesions.
> This past surgery was December 2001, and I'm already in pain again. I've
> been told that no one will do surgery on me again, unless I have a bowel
> obstruction. I don't know where to go now. I realize that surgery only
> helps the problem for a while, but isn't that better than waiting until
> the adhesions get so bad that I would have a bowel obstruction??? I
> mean, isn't that serious in itself??? Any comments, and or suggestions
> would be greatly apprecaited. I don't mind seeing a pain specialist,
> but that still doesn't stop the adhesions, which will continue to get
> worse & worse if they are ignored!
> Thanks for letting me rant & rave. Have a great day.

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