From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Jul 3 23:47:37 2002

On June 26th I received an email with the following message: "I had a bad accident yesterday...fell down broke my left foot and sprained my right ankle."

~ ~ ~ ~

I hadn't heard from Bev Doucette since June 26th; and I was beginning to get concerned about her - so tonight I called her. She actually did break the metatarsal bone (the long bone on the outer-side ) in her left foot.

Not only that -- she sprained her right ankle too!!! Bev was in very good spirits when I talked to her tonight; so at least she's doing the best she can considering....

How did this happen? Bev said she was on her way outside - and she stopped by the screen door for a moment. She lightly leaned against the screen door - that's always securely latched. Except this time the screen door was NOT securely latched!!!! And Bev literally fell out of the house!!! Thank goodness, there was only one step!!!

When she landed, she immediately knew she was in big trouble. Her had to abort her original plans; and instead, Bev was off to the ER!!

Since then Bev has literally been house-bound; and as a beginner on crutches, she is gradually learning how to get around.

Bev hasn't been able to spend time at the computer; because she needs to elevate her left leg whenever she sits down.

So when you say your prayers, please include Bev. Pray that Bev's injuries will heal completely and successfully.

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