From: nancy (
Wed Jul 3 21:50:36 2002

Hello, I am Nancy and I had surgery july 02,2002 and my gy doctor said he found some many adhesions and got alot of them. I have been in hellish pain for years. Thank god my gi doctor found a cyst on my ovary and the adhesions. I been on lots of pain meds for 4 years. Do to others things to. I have a nuro diease call Ataxia. But back to the adhesions, today the july 03,2002 and my I had to be seen quitly my bladder function quit. And the doctor had to put in a cath he got 500cc he said a person should urine a 120cc..and my bladder was so full the nerve stop responed. I still have to keep the catheterization in. MY pain is still hurting but I just had surgery yesterday. I on a higher dose of pain meds. He said that the bowel is wrap around the right ovary. And this requires another surgery but this time opening me up big. And require a four to five days in the hospital. I am scare......has anyone had or heard of this about the bowel wrap around the ovary? And how does it happen? He said I have adhesions attached to my organs that he can not get. And with the right ovary having the bowel wrap around it and adhesions he could not do anything with the lap. This require opening me up big........I happy to find others to chat with I felt so alone till I found this site and I not happy for anyone that has this and my prayers are with each one of you. For I know the never ending pain. Any infor will be helpful. And are there a drug that will control the pain or take the edge off. I can not sleep and I am tried all the time. And has anyone else had abdominal swelling with this. I feel 9 months pregnant. Please forward this to any other sites or people please. I just finding the sites and hope to meet others. I need some mental surport. and i am a good lister too. So if I here to be a part of this....and I hopeing to spead the word.......I read alot of ones that was told this pain in ther head...and then finally get a doctor that cares to look for a reason for your pain and finds adhesion.....I know you would like to have better news...but to me its a relive in my mind when he found my cause. Because for a while I thought I was going nuts. God bless all and your family member cause this does cause harm to your family too. God bless the doctors that take the time to take care of us. Special thank you to Dr Mclees and Dr. Biggs for taking care of me. Thank you too my pastor and all the members of my church for there prayers and surport. Blessing, nancy


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