Re: Pain when sitting

Thu Jan 31 21:00:08 2002

Ms Evette, I am so sorry to here you are considering surgery. Surgery is not going to ease your pain it will only make it worse. I thought I was helping myself by having surgery and I had a hyst then removed 1 ovary at a time thinking I would be pain free only to be back in pain and worsen every time. Well adhesions can not be taken care of by surgery .Surgery only causes more adhesions. The only thing to do is get a Good Pain Management doctor and take pain meds to keep you functional. The sad part about this is that I trusted my doctor that he knew what was best for me.But I was shocked to find out after finding this site all the situations and reading the stories on the quilt and Information that helped me to educate myself. Beleive me I even had a very skilled Laparoscopic surgeon referred by Dr Wiseman to do surgery on me.And then I took the priviledge of sending all my medical records to Dr Korell in Germany who is the best and even he advised me to do everything possible before considering surgery.So I will leave you with this thought .I am sorry if I am being the bearer of bad news.And I hope you don't get offended but I am laying the cards on the table and telling you the honest truth.I care about you and I wish there was a magic trick we could pull out of a hat But there isn''t. With best regards I beg you to reconsider not having surgery But If you do I pray it all turns out for the best for you and we will be here for you any way. Best Wishes Lillian

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