Pain when sitting

From: Tanya (
Wed Jan 30 19:28:24 2002

Hello everyone. I'm not new to the board as, I've been reading your messages for a long time. I think I may have posted about a year ago.

I've been wondering...does anyone here have pain upon sitting (most of the time) and relieved when you stand up?

I had a laparoscopy a few years ago, endometriosis found with adhesions. My left ovary was adhered to my sigmoid colon all of which adhered to my pelvic sidewall. Had total relief for six months from constipation. Since that time, I've been diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome via venography which I've been told can cause pain when you sit. Thing is though, now I'm concerned that a great deal of pain that I'm experiencing is around my left ovary and seems to appear when I sit down and, I can feel a sickening sensation sort of in my back seemingly behind my ovary. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

I just requested today another lap and am scheduled in a couple of weeks. If nothing earthshaking is found, I've decided to have an ovarian vein embolization to hopefully take care of the pelvic congestion syndrome. If no relief from that, then maybe, a pain treatment center.

Can anyone relate?


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