Julie Johns/ Sally.

From: Sally Grigg (lostcst@mcn.org)
Wed Jan 30 13:13:26 2002

Dear Julie, Yes, I went to Penn. and had the surgery, unfortuantely, I didn't even get one pain free day. It certainly was not the doctors fault. They took a video of the procedure and I watched the whole thing later. Dr. Reich was so gentle with my organs and so skillful in taking out the adhesions without harming the organs to which they were attached. Unfortunately, they started growing back the minute I was closed back up. Not the doctor's fault, but the nature of adhesions and my particular body. I'm not sure that you have adhesions. There are other causes of abdominal pain. My adhesion pain is deep and includes pulling and a horrible ache. It's not just below the skin surface. I haven't gone to Davis yet, everything about a pain management center seems to take a long time. But I will keep you informed. Love, Sally

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