Anti-depressants - Jean & Kelly

From: Nancy E. Hale (
Wed Jan 30 10:39:53 2002

Okay, ladies, time to throw in my penny's worth ;)

I've also been on amitriptyline. It does help with depression, but it had no benefit at all in helping with the effectiveness of the pain meds. Also, I could not take it as the doctor prescribed - one tab at bedtime. If I took it and went to bed, I was a zombie the next day. Discussion with my doctor changed it to taking the tablet in the morning to help with the depression. Apparently she had prescribed it for bedtime to help me sleep, which I wasn't having any problem with. When I started taking it in the morning, I lost the "spaced out" feeling, and the depression was soon relieved.

I don't take it at the present time, and haven't for quite a while. But I do have the prescription in the cabinet so I can start taking it again if the depression gets to the point of needing medication. I do suffer from bouts of depression occasionally, but most of the time I can handle it without medication. When I do need the meds, I let the doctor know that I am going back on it for a while. She is comfortable with this, as she knows I hate taking pills if I don't have to.

Hope this helps Jean. Catch you on-line soon, I hope. Hugs,


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