Re: Kath & Lesa- Duragesic Patch

From: dtouch (
Sat Jan 26 17:25:26 2002

Good Luck Jean Dolores in Louisiana

Jean Long wrote:

> Kath & Lesa,Thanks for the reply and information.I kept throwing up
> ever since I went on the patch so they gave me Phenergan Suppositories
> to help with the nausea.I couldn't eat or drink anything at all or it
> came back up. Even my Herblax all came back up after I took them.I
> still threw up even with the first 2 suppositories. Due to the
> throwing up and nausea I had spent almost all of my time laying down,
> only up for 10-15 minutes at a time and back down for an hour or so
> until it passed. "I think" I may have finally gotten through that
> stage.I always feel better when laying down so now that I am staying
> up again I will see if the pain keeps getting worse again.I finally
> felt better yesterday although I wasn't laying down and didn't throw
> up. I use the suppositories every 8 hours.I am on 25 mg which is the
> lowest dose to start with so I do have lead-way if I need a stronger
> one for pain if my stomach tolerates it.They are hoping my body will
> adjust after awhile and accept the patch without causing any more
> nausea.We had to start with the lowest dose since we have a problem
> with my body tolerating meds.Like they said.....We have to give it our
> best shot since I can't tolerate anything that goes through my
> digestive system and we are running out of meds to try.That is also
> why they gave suppositories instead of pill form for nausea, they
> didn't want to put anything thorough my digestive system.I had already
> tried 2 different nausea pills and they didn't help me at all.They
> want me to hang in there as long as I can before giving up on the
> patch because the only other pain meds to try would be the pain pump
> which doesn't intrigue me.Right now we just have to work on the nausea
> and my body tolerating it.Today I do feel more pain so I don't know if
> it will totally help the pain or not. I did have my hopes up yesterday
> because other than my mind I actually did feel better. Maybe it is
> weakening since it is time to change it tonight?! I thought I would
> feel better today since it is a very warm sunny day but the longer I
> have been up the more the pain is building again. Maybe it will take
> awhile for the total affects to take place?! I just went on it 2-1/2
> days ago. I guess it doesn't help either because my nerves are also
> shot now after 2 years of fighting for help (not to mention the prior
> 25 years before these additional problems), "trying" to run a business
> in pain and even while in a nursing home, not being able to function
> properly for 2 years, and going through 4 surgeries in 10 months time
> and zillions of tests. I will know better in a few days if the patch
> will work. I have to change it tonight so I am hoping a new patch
> doesn't start the throwing up again and helps the pain
> more.JEAN "SMILE............It confuses people!"

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