Re: I suffer with cronic pain from Adhesions( anyone live in the U.K)

From: Jo Eslick (
Thu Jan 24 21:48:51 2002

Hello Kerry,

Welcome to the International Adhesions website, I have some good news for you, there is a support group in the UK and they have their own website.  Kath Findley is a lovely lady and I know she will do whatever she can to help you cope with your pain, just as we will here.

Kath's email address is:

I hope that you will visit us often, we offer friendship and support, try to answer questions, or point you in the right direction for answers.  We are all adhsions sufferers too, and there is a certain comfort in knowing you are not alone.

Love & gentle hugs to you

Jo (Australia)

>From: (Kerry Deane )
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: I suffer with cronic pain from Adhesions( anyone live in the U.K)
>Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 14:59:38 -0600
>I myself suffer with constant pain from Adhesions .I have had major
>bowel surgery , hysterectomy . my appendix removed some ovarian cysts
>removed and another operation for an ectopic pregnancy . I am 25 years
>old now . I just need to know is there anyone on this site from the U.K
>I feel so lonely and isolated at times . my doctor thinks I'm a druggie
>because I ask for certain pain kilers which now they have stopped .
>I am now trying massage's daily to my abdomen and refexology the way I
>see it I have nothing to lose.
>I feel a little happier seeing I am not alone and I am not insane or
>making up these pains that ruin my life on a daily basis.
>I tried the suicicde approach (thank god I lived ) but I was so
>desperate and felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall .
>If anyone wants to get in touch or e-mail then please do I really could
>do with a chat with someone who totally understands . many thanks and
>sorry for being a whinner .
>my e - mail is
>K Deane

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