I suffer with cronic pain from Adhesions( anyone live in the U.K)

From: Kerry Deane (ladykmd@hotmail.com)
Thu Jan 24 13:59:12 2002

I myself suffer with constant pain from Adhesions .I have had major bowel surgery , hysterectomy . my appendix removed some ovarian cysts removed and another operation for an ectopic pregnancy . I am 25 years old now . I just need to know is there anyone on this site from the U.K ? I feel so lonely and isolated at times . my doctor thinks I'm a druggie because I ask for certain pain kilers which now they have stopped . I am now trying massage's daily to my abdomen and refexology the way I see it I have nothing to lose. I feel a little happier seeing I am not alone and I am not insane or making up these pains that ruin my life on a daily basis. I tried the suicicde approach (thank god I lived ) but I was so desperate and felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall . If anyone wants to get in touch or e-mail then please do I really could do with a chat with someone who totally understands . many thanks and sorry for being a whinner . my e - mail is ladykmd@hotmail.com

K Deane

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