Re: Has anyone looked into Eastern Medicine and their approach to adhesions?

From: Sally Grigg (
Thu Jan 24 11:42:27 2002

Dear JoAnne, My masseuse here at the Inn is involved in Chinese herbal medicine and holistic healing. She is involved in colonic irrigation also. She has been searching for me for years for my adhesions and has literally found nothing except things for general bowel problems ( IBS). That doesn't mean that there is nothing out there, I would love to find a Chinese "cure" so I wish you the best and God Speed on your quest.

I have tried acupuncture and it helps for a very little while, but it's not worth driving to the center. I've tried using the needles myself and have medium success in alleviating a little pain. My friend has had many skin irritations and rashes/boil like things with all of her experimentation, so I have been less than enthusiastic about trying a lot of herbal medicines that I don't know anything about. Anywhay, Good luck, again and lots of love, Sally

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