Has anyone looked into Eastern Medicine and their approach to adhesions?

From: joanne Thorpe (artdesigner2@hotmail.com)
Thu Jan 24 09:07:24 2002

Good morning all, I have been following a strict eastern approach to nutrition and prevention. I order from one company so that I do not have to do the research on the herbs myself. I do wonder, however, what the Chinese feel about adhesions. Their attitute about health is to keep their body in its finest condition and that the body can regenerate itself. If adhesions are our bodies natural way of healing (or over healing), then I wonder if the Chinese have this problem as well. If any of you know anything about this, I would love to know. I do know that I am feeling so much better since I have been taking these herbs and some days I am able to go on almost no pain meds for my problem. It has healed my bowels completely (which were very sick) and I now work up to 6 days a week. If no one knows this answer, I will try to research it from the company that I buy from.

With love, Joanne

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