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Tue Jan 22 19:12:37 2002

At Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Brenda wrote: >
>...I do not want to live in pain and also don't want to keep
>going through surgeries.

Really this is not to pick on you Brenda, but you SO succinctly summed up the medical Big Lie about adhesions. In real life, the choice is not between a) living in constant pain, and b) constantly going through surgeries. In real life, if you are an "adhesion former" and your adhesions cause you pain, then your choices are between a) living in constant pain, and b) living in constant pain AND constantly going through surgeries.

These doctors say things like, "well the only thing we can do is go in and cut them out." And they are simply lying to you when they imply that cutting them out is going to help. Ok, in the 10 minutes after they finish cutting the adhesions you have fewer of them than you started the surgery with, but as they wheel you down the hallway to the recovery room THE ADHESIONS ARE FORMING UP AGAIN!!! You see, the little piece of information that they are trying to hide from you is that your adhesions are NOT caused by some random freak of nature, and usually not some disease or infection. They are caused by the surgeon's scalpel cutting tissue. They are caused by talc on the surgical gloves. They are caused by rubbing the abdominal tissues with surgical sponges. They are caused by the surgeon's failure to get every tiny little blood vessel to stop bleeding as the incision is closed. Adhesions are, in almost all cases, caused by one or more FAILURES of the surgeon. Sometimes it is a failure to do something that is under the surgeon's control (for example using gloves with talc or dry sponges.) Sometimes it is the failure to do something impossible (for example it's impossible to do surgery without cutting you.) But failure is still FAILURE, and doctors don't like to admit that they FAILED. They especially don't like to admit that because they FAILED something terrible happened.

cathy :-)

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