From: Brenda (
Tue Jan 22 18:45:05 2002

Hey, I posted awhile back and thanks for the response. I have been to my regular doctor and my OBGYN doctor, one says that it is IBS and the other said that the pain might be from adhesions. I know that it is adhesions after reveiwing my medical records and surgical notes it has gotten worse after each surgery. The pain comes and goes and at times is constant. The only way to explain it is it is like having a toothache in my lower pelvic area that hurts all the way to my back. My regular Medical doctor is sending me to a specialist to make sure that my bowels are not blocked from the adhesions. Any advice on what questions I need to ask or what my next step is....would be much welcomed. I do not want to live in pain and also don't want to keep going through surgeries. My doctor is so scared that I might get addicited to pain meds he will only give me darvocett, i have suffered from migrianes for 25 years and am tired of hearing that, if they had to suffer the pain I have suffered they would be writing their own prescriptions. Look forward to hearing from you.


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