Re: Pain Management

From: Michelle (
Fri Jan 18 23:12:38 2002

YES Please complain to your doctor about her "opions" on your condition. The doctor is the one treating you. She is a representative of his and his office. By her doing what she did is not a good reflection upon his office. Complain away my girl complain away. You have desevered the right to do it if you have to fight for meds and treatment. Why should you have to deal with anything more? Lots of love and support your way :)

At Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Kelly Murray wrote: >
>Hi, I don't write too much on here any more but I need to vent.
>I finally found a Dr. that is offering me pain management. I've had 2
>adhesion surgeries in 3 years.(The last one in Pa.)
>I have been having worse pain so I called the drs. office on Tuesday ask ng
>if I should increase my Oxycontin or get something else for break through
>I had called in sick at work because of the pain. (I have only called in
>sick 2 times in three years with this so I was in intense pain.I felt li e I
>was having a blockage all night ) No one called me back Tuesday or Wedne day
> On Thursday I called and the nurse told me that the Oxycontin was alre dy
>a strong enough dose for me to take that I couldn't take more so she wou d
>talk to the dr. Well, at 4:30 today, I still had no call. I finally ca led
>and talked to the nurse, she suggested that I had indigestion. I explai ed
>to her that no, I did not have indigestion that I have adhesion problems.
>She insisted that I had indigestion. OHH! I got so angry, she finally sa d
>she would leave the Dr. a note that I was in pain. Well, it is 9:00 in t e
>evening and 4 days later and no one has called me. Luckily, the pain has
>lessened and I can live with it now but I can't believe how we are treat d.
>I don't know if she even gave the doc the message.
>Should I waste my time making a complaint with the dr on how his nurse s id
>I had indigestion when I am being treated in this office for adhesion pa n?
>I have been ticked all night about that. I feel like if I go in there and
>complain I will be labled as a loony troublemaker.

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