Pain Management

From: Kelly Murray (
Fri Jan 18 21:18:41 2002

Hi, I don't write too much on here any more but I need to vent. I finally found a Dr. that is offering me pain management. I've had 2 adhesion surgeries in 3 years.(The last one in Pa.) I have been having worse pain so I called the drs. office on Tuesday asking if I should increase my Oxycontin or get something else for break through pain. I had called in sick at work because of the pain. (I have only called in sick 2 times in three years with this so I was in intense pain.I felt like I was having a blockage all night ) No one called me back Tuesday or Wednesday On Thursday I called and the nurse told me that the Oxycontin was already a strong enough dose for me to take that I couldn't take more so she would talk to the dr. Well, at 4:30 today, I still had no call. I finally called and talked to the nurse, she suggested that I had indigestion. I explained to her that no, I did not have indigestion that I have adhesion problems. She insisted that I had indigestion. OHH! I got so angry, she finally said she would leave the Dr. a note that I was in pain. Well, it is 9:00 in the evening and 4 days later and no one has called me. Luckily, the pain has lessened and I can live with it now but I can't believe how we are treated. I don't know if she even gave the doc the message. Should I waste my time making a complaint with the dr on how his nurse said I had indigestion when I am being treated in this office for adhesion pain? I have been ticked all night about that. I feel like if I go in there and complain I will be labled as a loony troublemaker. Kel

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