Good morning all!!

From: Cheryl Cole (CCRYDER752@AOL.COM)
Thu Jan 17 07:07:35 2002

Just a little update and one question. I started a new pain Dr. a month ago and he referred me for physical therapy. Well I started this week. I go back today for my 2nd treatment. It s called myofascial release? Has anyone else had this and what was the outcome. I welcome any advice or thoughts on the subject. So far(only 1 treatment) it seems like a massage without too much massaging going on. Kind of strange. When she puts pressure on left side of abdomin I can feel it on the right side. and visa versa. Supposed to release the myofascial layer covering your insides?

Sally, that was a very good letter you wrote to Oprah! I sure wish I could put things on paper the way you and Jo do. I sent a letter to Oprah too, but it sure didn't sound as good as you guys did.

Kim, I don't know where you live but there is an ob/gyn in Detroit who specializes in fertility problems from adhesions. His name is Dr. Michael Diamond. He didn't work out for me but might be able to do something for you. If you don't live near here maybe contact him as he might know someone in your area. He was recommended by Dr. Wiseman to me. Or maybe Dr. Wiseman would know of one in your area.

I forget who it was asking for info to supply to a t.v. station (can't remember your name..sorry?) if you contact Dr. Wiseman or Helen or Bev, I'm sure they can get you all the info you need. By the way, I may try to contact my local T.V. station to do the story, too. What a great idea.

Well, got to get ready for my therapy appt.

It is snowing right now and looks so pretty!! Hate to have to get out in it though!! I could just hibernate all winter long! painfree hugs and love to all.............Cheryl

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