Re: I'm scared. Going to a pain clinic and need support

From: Sharyn (
Thu Jan 17 05:58:18 2002

AHi there, I am about to start at a pain clinic and am interested in you veiws and if you found it to be of benifit.t Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Robin wrote: >
>I wanted to find out if the company got the insurance back, or were they
>canceled? Do you pay an premeums for your insurance? If you do, the
>company should pay for your medical cost as if you had insurance. This
>happened to us some years ago & the company paid the medical bills just
>like the insurance co would have. You shouldnt have to pay for all of
>the medical bills if you have insurance that was cancelled for non
>payment by the company.
>At Tue, 13 Jul 1999, Michele/pogo wrote:
>>Been gone for awhile. It has been a tough time. I have had major
>>medical insurance problems. Company didn't pay premiums, so no claims
>>are being paid for an entire surgery! UGH.
>>I waited 9 days for a pain clinic through a hospital to call me JUST to
>>set up an appt. I called and left messages on voice mail? I just wanted
>>them to call and let me know why they had not contacted me. A simple,
>>"You're on a list" would have felt better. I thought it was an
>>insurance problem. NOT. It was just an overwhelmed office. What kind
>>of care will I get? Hmmm. I hope the anesthesologist is more
>>personable. I couldn't get an appt set up last week until Aug. 18th.
>>So, I read that Richard's wife used a TENS unit and was wondering what
>>that's like. I'm afraid to take heavy drugs because I can't stomach
>>them. Do these shots help? The one's that numb everything? The idea of
>>a nerve block shot scares me.
>>Did I mention I was scared? LOL!! I think I've had to wait too long for
>>help. Pogo

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