Re: Susan from Sally/need doctor/Northern California

From: susan (
Tue Jan 15 11:17:06 2002

At Mon, 14 Jan 2002, Sally Grigg wrote: >
>Deear Susan, I'm so sorry, but I would like to find a good doctor in
>Northern California too and a pain specialist. I went locally here three
>times, but not any more. Too much chance of damage. My bladder got cut
>accidently. I then went to Penn and Dr. Reich and Redan, both of whom I
>recommend, but it does cost money. Dr. Redan does not believe in opiate
>medication, so that's kind of hard. If anyone out there knows of a good
>doctor for both of us, please speak up. I'm praying. Help, help, help. Love,

Dear Sally,

Thanks for your reply. I have scheduled an appointment with a Stanford neurologist for probable nerve damage/entrapment for mid February. At that time I plan to ask her for recommendations regarding skilled, competent, physicians for adhesion lysis, and will be happy to share my findings with you.

in spirit,


hi sally,
since you live in northern california, i was hoping you might be able to recommend a skilled surgeon for remove of adhesions. also suspect nerve entrapment following abdominal supracervial hysterectomy.

i live in the san franciso bay area.

in spirit, susan

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