Re: Oprah help?So what is her email?

From: Jo Eslick (
Mon Jan 14 23:46:01 2002

Hi Sally

Oprah's website is

please write asking for help to get Karla medical assistance.  Everyone has misunderstood my request, I need everyone to write to Oprah & highloght the dangerous situation Karla is now in.  It is sad to say, but Karla is literally waiting for kidney failure, then she will die.

I know this is a horribly brutal way to put it, but I must have been too subtle with my other request.  Please, everyone I beg you to help me find some way of getting Karla the urgent medical attention she needs.

Love & gentle hugs


>From: "Sally Grigg"
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>Subject: Oprah help?So what is her email?
>Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 00:12:28 -0600
> Dearest Jo, What is Oprah's email? Love, Sally

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